JONDO’s Guide for Preparing Print Ready Files

When ordering custom products through JONDO’s API (Application Programming Interface), a print-ready image file is necessary to produce a high-resolution print product. Whether customers are using your designs or they have created their own, here are some recommendations on how to make a file print ready in order to get the best outcome.

JONDO Templates

JONDO offers print ready file templates to make sure all your print files are set up correctly to easily be processed through our proprietary workflow. Our templates are available for our most common and popular products and sizes. Make sure to save your final files in a .jpg or .jpeg format for the best results.


A Few Items to Consider

Image Resolution

JONDO accepts images with a DPI range from 32-300. DPI, or dots per inch, is a measure of the resolution of a printed or digital document. The optimal DPI for most image files is 150dpi. In cases of small text and other graphics that require the highest resolution and sharpness, we recommend 300dpi. 8-bit image files are preferred.


Positioning of Text/Image

It is important to check that the critical subject matter of your print files and designs fall within the printable area. The print-ready file templates offered by JONDO assist you to ensure your important imagery is visible.

Font Size

When using a font on images, the best practice is to use a sharp, readable text and a large font type based on the size of the print dimension. Make sure to distinguish the text from the image background by using sufficient contrast of colors.

Canvas Wrap Types

There are a few different types of gallery wrap borders that can be added to custom canvas prints which include solid, full image, or mirror wraps. Solid wrap uses a solid color to add a border to the gallery wrap side of the canvas. Full image wrap uses the entire image to wrap around the face and sides of the canvas to create a seamless and edgeless canvas print. For mirror wrap, the image is mirrored at its edges and wrapped around the side of the canvas to create the gallery wrap.

Bleed & Double-Sided Products

Some products have a required bleed. Please refer to our provided print ready file templates for further details.

For double-sided products such as personalized pillows, custom mugs, and rigid yard signs, we require a final print ready file that contains both sides.


Color Gamut

Color gamut is a complete subset of colors or the range of colors a device can produce, record, or recognize. JONDO maximizes our materials and color profiles to provide the best representation of the image files. Our profiles are created to provide the largest color gamut available. If you are creating files on your computer, we recommend having your monitor color calibrated. Ensure the file submitted for printing has an embedded ICC (ideally, for the color space the file was created in) and when possible, leave the image in the RGB color mode.
When creating artistic content, leverage wide-gamut color spaces to maximize color gamut and saturation, such as RGB = Adobe 1998 or CMYK = GRACol2013_CRPC6.

For photographic content principally of people, the sRGB color space is best.


ICC Color Profiles

We recommend that ICC profiles be embedded in the image file to ensure no color variance between what is submitted to JONDO and the printed result. U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 and sRGB IEC61966-2.1 will be referenced in the absence of an ICC profile. If soft proofing, we recommend SWOP and sRGB for previewing. Although JPEGs can be submitted in CMYK, we highly recommend saving JPEGs in the RGB color space or mode for best results. All files will be assessed in the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color space. If a JPEG is submitted in another color space, the RGB color profile for the image will be referenced.

When hosting images on a cloud service, they will need to be set as “public” and not “private” to be accessed by the JONDO system and prevent order delays. A secure recommended service for this would be Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Making sure that the submitted print ready file is accurate and contains all specifications is essential to the product outcome and satisfied consumers. For any further questions, please contact a JONDO team member today.

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